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As of April 2016, Mike has joined the finance software company WorkingGroupLink.

Etch is not taking on any additional projects.


Polyglot programmer, dev-methodology creator, and open source contributor

Data Informed

Developing sites and strategy since the beginning of websites, learning lessons from users every day


Motivating and mentoring engineering teams to find their potential

How Do You Work?


Maintainability and sustainability of your web presence are vital, so we bend and twist Content Management Systems like WordPress to fit your work processes. We create usable training and documentation, like video tutorials of your properties to rely on.

We're highly focused on needs above wants- we craft a viable path to reach your users, your goals. We create reasonable timelines, while understanding that occasionally jobs are sudden and necessary.

We use easy tools to keep in touch and keep all information in one place without burdening you learning a new system.

We are almost always available for questions, strategy, or reassurance via text, email or Google Hangout.

We are lauded for our attention to details and quality assurance. There is no "almost done" or halfway, we ensure jobs are delivered as promised.

Who Thinks You Should Trust Us?


Etch Software is web development of the highest order. They are trusted collaborators that have a deep understanding of the complex interplay between site development, SEO and analytics and I highly recommend them for their advanced expertise with Wordpress in enterprise settings.TBWAChiatDay —Chris King, Associate Director SEO
Mike has an extremely strong grasp of a myriad of technologies and concepts for web development and digital strategy. His background in development, web technology, and technical sales is a rarity, and that background will serve any business well in the realm of web product management, digital strategy, and marketing. In addition to his skill set, Mike is passionate about his work and delivering the highest quality results for clients or coworkers. He's personable, loves to talk technology, and understands how to work productively with everyone from developers to senior management.Metal Toad Media —Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management
I greatly enjoyed working with Mike. He is a forward thinking and effective manager who coached and enabled everyone on his team to be the best they could be. He is skilled in both strategic long term vision and tactical problem solving, able to blend them seamlessly whilst keeping the best interest of the company at heart to deliver rigorously engineered software.Billups —Shawn Spooner, Director Data Sciences
Etch has a rare combination of high-tech and high-level thinking. I have sought out their expertise on a number of projects because they care immensely, ask the right questions at the start, and leave no detail to chance. When Etch is leading a project, I have every confidence that it will exceed the client's expectations. They also bring ample portions of likability and integrity to the table.Saatchi & Saatchi —Rob Tucker, Digital Media Director
The good people at Etch are the most detail oriented developers I've ever worked with. When it comes to Q/A the team at Etch Software has learned to sweat the small stuff and that makes all the difference.TBWAChiatDay —Eric Kopicki, Art Director
Etch has an incredibly strong grasp of technology and, even more rare, has a demonstrated capacity to consistently deliver solutions. I have worked with them on numerous occasion, both at Team One and after, and look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.Team One, for Lexus —Muneeb Bokhari, Sr Creative Technologist

What Will It Cost?


Being Honest About Pricing

To respect our time & yours, we are transparent about our rates. When freedom to do so allows, we pursue faster (less expensive) ways to reach your goals.

We create affordable, sustainable support for the projects we build and offer fix-it services for the projects we didn't. Strategy analysis and long-term maintenance start at $2k per-month.

How Do I Get In Touch?


Good to Meet You


Mike Bijon

Mike Bijon
Principal & Lead Developer

Mike brings together learning and experience from a life lived in technical fields. An engineering and mathematics grad of Northwestern, he has an uncanny ability to pick up computer languages and develop clean, elegant code the way it should be done, to standard. Seeing beyond the code, he is particularly skilled in SEO and SEM strategy, nailing exactly where your current methods need augmentation and creating a measurable path to achieve success.

Portland Stamp of Authenticity: Mike is an avid runner even in the rain and can talk about coffee for hours.


We really are in Portland. And it’s really *that* great.